Smart Stem Plus
Smart Stem Plus

International Stem Cell Insurance Coverage

If you already stored your baby's Stem Cells or plan to do so, You will know that conventional health insurance does not cover your future use.

That's why our plans support you in those moments of greatest need, Solving the costs of a transplant or treatment with stored cells. Discover how we can help you.

Advantages of Smart Stem Plus

Medical services covered up to 500,000 dollars*

In case you need the umbilical cord cells stored for a transplant / therapy.

*According to the Plan chosen

Protection for the entire family

Our plans are extendable to parents and biological brothers.

Unique in its class

First policy in covering studiesClinicians to treat the SpectrumAutistic and Cerebral Palsy

Management of your policy 100% Online

You can access your policy, do claims and pay your premium from the comfort of your computer or cell phone.

Guarantee in difficult moments

Smart Stem Plus will cover the premium for 2 years in case both parents die before the child turns 18.

If you have already chosen a bank, you only have to complete your decision with one of our plans.

Still do not know where to store the cells?

If you have not chosen a bank yet, we can refer you to one of our international network in your country.

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